Cornhole Bag Pellets

Do you want to make your own weather proof cornhole bags or other craft projects such as weighted blankets, reborn dolls or hacky sacks?Then you need our heavy plastic, mold resistant resin cornhole pellets. Unlike other online options that sell "recycled" product, our premium pellets are virgin...never recycled. This means no sharp "regrind" pieces or other unwanted debris! 2 cups of these plastic pellets weighs exactly 16 ounces.  This volulme is the perfect consistency to perfectly fill a true 6 by 6 cornhole bag to exactly one pound! Have a smaller bag? No problem! Cornhole regulations state that a cornhole bag can weigh between 14 and 16 ounces, so just add a little less and you're good to go! Because this filler is weatherproof and mold resistant it's also great for filling other items such as stuffed animals and other sewing projects where added weight is needed!

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