BG Stunner Facebook Promo Fulfillment Update

First off, we'd like to so much for your purchase and support!  When we first launched the promo on February 19th we had an initial stockpile of inventory and the boards were promoted to ship within our normal shipping estimate of 7-10 days. Due to the crazy success of the promo we very quickly ran through the initial stock in the first day or two of the promotion and had to change the fulfillment to an estimated 3-4 weeks because of the high volume of orders we received. By the end of the promo it has proven to be our most successful promotion ever! However, with the success of the promo we are quickly learning that logistically our estimates were a bit off the mark. We were caught a bit on our heels because even though we are a higher volume shop, we've never had to manage volumes of this magnitude.  We now figure that by the time we fulfill all Stunner promo orders we will have fallen short of our estimated 3-4 week turn around by 1.5 to 2 weeks. If you are not in a huge hurry to have your set we ask that you bear with us and give us an extra week or two outside our original estimate to fulfill the order. If you are expecting these and need them we will accommodate your request and will ship asap. We now have a 1st shift and a 2nd shift as well as extra weekend hours running production on the boards and bags to try to stay on track!  We truly appreciate your patience and we hope that you will find that this deal was worth the wait!